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From SRN to CBE

RCN chief executive and general secretary Peter Carter submitted two books for our book review of the year. We only had room for one in print, so here is Dr Carter’s other review: From SRN to CBE by Mary Spinks. Continue reading

Swimming Lessons

Two days after my last day in university, it still hadn't hit me - I start my job and my career as a nurse in a week. The arm bands of student-hood are coming off, and I will be thrown into the pool of the qualified. Continue reading

A tribute to nurses

As Christmas approaches, people like to reflect and think about what is important in their lives, be it family, friends, careers, jobs or hobbies. Increasingly, we get the appreciative, flattering, sentimental, or mawkish round-robin messages via social media, encouraging us to ‘share’. Continue reading

If you mislead mums-to-be on evidence, you take away choice

Every birth is different – different experiences, fears and need. So where, therefore, is the ‘right’ place for a woman to give birth? It’s a much-debated point but at the Birth Trauma Association we believe the answer is simple: where she feels most comfortable about having her baby after she has considered all the risks and benefits of different places of birth. Continue reading

Lost in Translation

My task as a nurse interviewer for bank nurses and healthcare assistants is to ensure we employ staff who fulfil our criteria to perform safely and competently in a busy London NHS trust. My scrutiny of the applicants often uncovers astonishing revelations. Continue reading
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