Midwives say ‘Enough is Enough’

On Monday evening the Royal College of Midwives board made a unanimous decision to ballot our members working in the NHS in England on industrial action over pay. This will be the first time in our history that we will ballot members for industrial action. Continue reading

Even the ‘little things’ are big things

It’s often the little things that make the difference. Sitting on the hospital trolley, recovering from my latest nerve block procedure, watching the nurse flip open a treatment pack and lay out the instruments for the next patient, I marvelled at how deftly and intuitively she performed the procedure. Continue reading

Why I support assisted dying

I’m spending Friday July 18 outside the House of Lords supporting the second reading of Lord Falconer’s Assisted Dying Bill. I’m there as a nurse who is committed to campaigning for a change in law in order to allow terminally ill, mentally competent adults the right to choose an assisted death. Continue reading

Assisted dying could place nurses in a tricky position

On 18 July, the second reading of Lord Falconer’s bill to legalise assisted suicide for the terminally ill in England and Wales will be held in the House of Lords. It is the latest in a series of bills seeking to bring in Oregon style law to legalise assisted suicide for those facing end of life diagnoses. Continue reading
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